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Tenancy for Laravel

A multi-tenancy package that lets you turn any Laravel application multi-tenant without having to rewrite the code. Single & multi-database tenancy, automatic & manual mode, event-based architecture. Integrates perfectly with other packages.

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Instead of forcing you to change how you write your code, the package by default bootstraps tenancy automatically, in the background. Database connections are switched, caches are separated, filesystems are prefixed, etc.


The pricing page, however, keeps it simple by offering each one individually, giving users a chance to choose the one that most applies to their needs.

Free $0

1 Year

  • 10 Users
Silver $10

15 Month

  • 40 Users
Gold $50

13 Month

  • 50 Users


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Scalability Made Easy

Multi Tenancy has revolutionized our ability to scale our business. As we onboard new clients, the system seamlessly adapts to accommodate their needs without compromising performance.

Efficient and User-Friendly Solution

We have been using Tenancy for our multi-tenant application, and it has truly transformed our operations.

Effortless Multi-Tenancy Implementation

I have had the privilege of using Multi-Tenancy Laravel for our complex multi-tenant application, and it has exceeded our expectations.

Seamless Multi-Tenancy Integration

As a solutions architect, I am constantly looking for efficient and scalable solutions, and Multi Tenancy Laravel has exceeded my expectations.

Elevating Efficiency and Scalability

Multi Tenancy Laravel has revolutionized our software architecture.

Streamlining Our Business Operations

Implementing Multi Tenancy has been a game-changer for our organization.

Simplified Multi-Tenancy at its Best

As the CTO, I was tasked with finding a robust multi-tenancy solution for our Laravel applications, and Multi-Tenancy Laravel exceeded our expectations.

Enhanced Data Security and Privacy

Multi-Tenancy has significantly improved our data security and privacy measures.

Streamlined Multi-Tenancy Solution

As a lead developer, I have had the pleasure of working with Multi-Tenancy Laravel, and it has been a game-changer for our software architecture.

Efficient Multi-Tenancy Solution for Laravel

As a senior developer, I have had the opportunity to work with several multi-tenancy solutions, and Multi Tenancy Laravel stands out as a reliable and efficient choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Multi-tenancy is a software architecture where a single instance of an application serves multiple tenants (customers or organizations). Each tenant operates in isolation, sharing the same infrastructure and resources while maintaining data separation and customization.

Cost efficiency: Shared resources reduce infrastructure costs. Scalability: Adding new tenants becomes easier and more efficient. Customization: Each tenant can have its own configurations and settings. Centralized management: System administration and updates can be performed centrally. Data isolation: Tenant data is segregated, ensuring privacy and security. Simplified deployment: One instance of the application can serve multiple tenants.

Data isolation is typically achieved through a combination of techniques: Database segregation: Each tenant has a separate database or schema to store its data. Access controls: Strict security measures are in place to prevent unauthorized access to tenant data. Encryption: Data can be encrypted to ensure confidentiality even if unauthorized access occurs.

Shared database: Tenants share the same database but have separate schemas or tables. Separate database: Each tenant has its own dedicated database. Shared application: Tenants share the same application instance, but their data is kept separate. Virtualization: Tenants operate in isolated virtual machines or containers.

Security: Ensuring strong isolation and preventing data leakage between tenants. Scalability: Designing the system to accommodate growing numbers of tenants efficiently.

Implement strict access controls and authentication mechanisms. Encrypt sensitive data at rest and in transit. Employ robust data anonymization techniques where applicable. Regularly audit and monitor access to tenant data. Comply with relevant data protection regulations.

In a properly implemented multi-tenant system, tenants should not be able to directly access or interact with each other's data. Strong isolation mechanisms, such as separate databases or schema, access controls, and encryption, should be in place to prevent unauthorized access.


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